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Experience first-hand the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

By Meredith Bailey posted Fri May 14, 2021 09:41 AM

There's a new way to see the AI-powered, self-guided ship that will cross the Atlantic Ocean this month, following the original Mayflower's path.  It's another way that you can discover how IBM & ProMare are enabling fully autonomous ships, innovation and marine exploration with AI, automation, edge computing & cloud technologies.

In this immersive 3D experience, see how the Mayflower Autonomous Ship powered by AI & Automation can: 

  • Identify, classify, and maneuver around obstacles. 
  • Navigate through external factors such as weather conditions. 
  • Gather research data to help the global effort in understanding our ocean & marine life. 
See for yourself and train the AI-Captain on-board before it traverses the Atlantic Ocean:
For more information on the Mayflower Autonomous Ship & the Automation technology onboard, check out our webpage: