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What’s New in ADS 21.0.1: Rule Authoring is Getting Even Easier

By Antony Viaud posted Wed March 31, 2021 02:31 AM


IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation V21.0.1 has been released on March 26. This is the new offering name for what was called IBM Cloud Pak for Automation in previous versions.

For Automation Decision Services (ADS), this new release could be considered as a minor release. But it actually comes with a nice set of new features, mainly for authoring and managing decisions in Decision Designer. Let's have a quick review:

1: business expressions for rule conditions and actions can now be customized in the data model editor. That means a more intuitive syntax for business users to author and read business rules. This also includes settings for affirmative and negative forms

Data model editor to define business expressions.
A default expression for a boolean attribute such as “loan does not get approved” can be replaced by the negative form “reject loan”.

2: the business rule editor is faster and easier to use, thanks to a new implementation. When typing, the list of possible expressions that could match is based on smarter predictions.

Business rule editor: ordered list of available business terms based on “pri” typing

3: in response to a popular request, Decision Designer now features quick navigation across the models of a decision service:

  • User can go to the model associated to a function node
  • User can go back to a previously opened model in the navigation history

New navigation links in Decision Designer (highlighted in orange)

4: this new ADS release enables business rules authoring in German and Italian, in addition to the already available English and French languages. And samples are available for all these supported languages.

Some of the samples available for import 

Release after release, the ADS team introduces innovations to facilitate the creation of rule-based decision services. Stay tuned!

Thanks to my colleague @Jerome Joubert for his help on this content.