WAIOps Demo with Instana and iLender App : 2 - Initial Configuration

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Tue September 21, 2021 05:47 AM


This article explains about Initial Configuration required to do the Watson AIOps demo setup with Instana and iLender App.

The article is based on the the following.

  • RedHat OpenShift 4.6.x / 4.7.x on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • Watson AIOps 3.1.x

1. Deploy iLender App

Deploy iLender application in Kubernetes Cluster using the steps below.

1.1 Update Humio properties

Update humioUrl and humioToken properties in the file ./yaml/20-deployable-common.yaml


1.2 Apply the yaml

Apply the yaml in the Openshift or Kubernetes (OCP/IKS) clusters

kubectl apply -f ./yaml

1.3 Access the app

App is installed in the ilender-ns namespace.

You can access the application using the EXTERNAL-IP from node and NodePort from svc. - ex:

EXTERNAL-IP and NodePort can be retrieved from the below commands.

Jeyas-MacBook-Pro:frontuiservice jeyagandhi$ kubectl get nodes -o wide
NAME             STATUS   ROLES    AGE   VERSION       INTERNAL-IP      EXTERNAL-IP       OS-IMAGE             KERNEL-VERSION       CONTAINER-RUNTIME   Ready    <none>   26d   v1.20.7+IKS   Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS   4.15.0-144-generic   containerd://1.4.6   Ready    <none>   26d   v1.20.7+IKS   Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS   4.15.0-144-generic   containerd://1.4.6
Jeyas-MacBook-Pro:frontuiservice jeyagandhi$ kubectl get svc
NAME                      TYPE           CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)          AGE
ilender-bigbank           LoadBalancer       9090:30598/TCP   10d
ilender-creditscore       NodePort    <none>          9090:30501/TCP   10d
ilender-customerprofile   LoadBalancer   9090:32751/TCP   10d
ilender-frontweb          NodePort    <none>          9090:30500/TCP   10d
ilender-greatbank         LoadBalancer    <pending>       9090:31622/TCP   10d
ilender-loan              LoadBalancer   9090:30301/TCP   10d
ilender-loanprocessor     LoadBalancer   9090:30880/TCP   10d
ilender-openbanking       LoadBalancer   9090:31331/TCP   10d
ilender-user              LoadBalancer       9090:32427/TCP   10d

2. Install Humio

Setup Humio on a single node (16 core, 64 GB)


3. Create Slack account

Setup free slack account and create workspace, channels and slack app.


4. Update Event Manager Gateway

Need to update the Event Manager Gateway Filter with to allow events from Instana.

Add the below text to the Filter property of the Event Manager Gateway.

OR (Manager = \'Instana\') 


5. Create ServiceNow account

Create ServiceNow developer instance

Installing Watson AIOps App plugin in ServiceNow Developer Instance

Configuring Watson AIOps roles to ServiceNow users

6. Integrate Instana and Watson AIOps

Instana and Watson AIOps to be integrated. Refer the below URL.


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