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ServiceNow and WAIOps : 2 - Installing Watson AIOps App plugin in ServiceNow Developer Instance

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Wed September 08, 2021 03:13 PM


This article explains about how to install Watson AIOps App plugin in ServiceNow Developer Instance.


  1. ServiceNow Developer Instance
  2. Access rights to . Instruction is given below to get the access rights.

1. Create GitHub Credentials

  1. Enter cred in the top left search box to get Credentials menu on the left menu bar.

  2. Click on Credentials menu.

  3. Click New button on the top.

  1. Choose Basic Auth Credentials link.

  1. Enter the following.
  • Enter any text as Name
  • Give your IBM w3id in User name
  • Enter Personal Access Token of IBM Github account
  1. Click on Submit button

  1. The Auth Credentials get created and listed like below.

2. Fork the Plugin

Open the link and fork it to your account.


Access to the ibm-gsi-ecosystem/watson-ai-ops-snow-plugin instance is strickly controlled, as this is source code level access. It should not be publically shared. To use this instance in a proof of concept / partner scenario where the market place is not available, contact the AIOps team.


They will give you access to the github repository. You can then create an access key, specific to the PoC. You can use this key to install the application in ServiceNow. Once the engagement has completed the key should be removed.

3. Import plugin from Source Control

  1. Enter studio in the top left search box to get Studio menu on the left menu bar.

  2. Click on Studio menu

It opens up a window

  1. Click on Import from Source Control button

  1. Enter the following.
  • Enter the aboved forked URL
  • Enter branch name as main
  • Enter Credentials as the one created above steps
  1. Click on Import button

  1. Once the import is success, Click on Select Application button

  1. You will see Watson AIOps app installed and available.


In case of enterprise ServiceNow instance, the Watson AIOps App (plugin) can be installed from the official ServiceNow App Store (!/store/application/632a6d81db102010253148703996197e/1.1.0)


1. AIOps - Up and Running : ServiceNow Integration

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