WAIOps Demo with Instana and iLender App : 1 - Overview

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Tue September 21, 2021 05:44 AM


This article explains about step by step process involved in setting up Watson AIOps Demo with Instana and iLender Application.

The article is based on the the following.

  • RedHat OpenShift 4.6.x / 4.7.x on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • Watson AIOps 3.1.x


iLender is a Microservices based Loan processing application used by a FinTech company. This application is deployed in a kubernetes environment.

The application pushses logs to Humio logging system.

The managed environment is monitored using the Instana monitoring system.

Watson AIOps 3.1.x is installed on ROKS and it is connected to these Humio and Instana. Apart from these, it is also connected to ServiceNow and ChatOps Slack

Here are steps to be done for this demo setup.

  • Initial configuration or tools installation including the iLender app
  • Integrate external tools in WAIOps
  • Import application topology from managed environment and create application in WAIOps
  • Create AI Model definition
  • Training of Normal Logs, events and Similar incidents
  • Induce error in the iLender Application (memory high issue in CreditScore Service) and view the slack story and servicenow incident.

Initial Configuration

This section explains about the Initial Configuration or tools installation required to do the demo setup. This section also explains about how to install the iLender application.

Refer : Initial Configuration

Data and tool integrations

This section explains about the below tools integrations with Watson AIOps.

  • Humio (log)
  • Kafka (Event Manager)
  • ServiceNow (Incidents)
  • Slack (Story)

Refer : Data and Tool Integrations

Application and AI-Model Management and Training

This section explains about Application Management, AI-Model Management and Training to be done in Watson AIOps.

  • Application Management

  • AI-Model Management

  • Training

Refer : App and AI Model Management and Training


This section explains about Inducing error in the iLender Application (memory high issue in CreditScore Service), get alert from Instana, log anomaly AIManager through Humio and view the slack story and servicenow incident.

Refer : Inferencing


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