WAIOps Demo with Instana and iLender App : 5 - Inferencing

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Tue September 21, 2021 05:53 AM


This article explains about Inferencing Steps required as part of the Watson AIOps demo setup with Instana and iLender App.

  • Generate load on the iLender App to simulate memory high issue in CreditScore Service
  • Instana generates alerts and send to Event Manager as an event
  • Humio logs observed by the AIManager detects the log anomaly
  • Both the log anomaly and Instana Events get correlated
  • Slack story and ServiceNow Incident get created

The article is based on the the following.

  • RedHat OpenShift 4.6.x / 4.7.x on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • Watson AIOps 3.1.x

1. Enabling Dataflow

Make sure DataFlow is on in Humio, Kafka and ServiceNow integrations.


Here Data flow is ON and it is in inferencing mode.

Event Mgr (Kafka)

Here Data flow is ON and it is in inferencing mode.


Here Data flow is ON and it is in inferencing mode.

2. Before generating Load in app

Observe Instana, Application Mgmt and Event Manager before creating load in the iLender app.

CreditScore service memory in Instana

The used percentage of JVM memory of the CreditScore service is 36% only.

iLender Application

There is no error highlighted for CreditScore pod in the topology of the iLender application in Watson AIOps.

Events in Event Manager

There is no event related to the CreditScore in Event manager.

3. Run the Demo Script

Demo script is available in files/demo-scripts.

This script will increase the load in the application and simulate the memory high problem in the creditscore.

Update Config file

The config file to be updated.

Update API_URL

Update API_URL with the frontweb service url



Update API_URL with the creditscore service url


4. Generate Load in app

  1. Run the below command to start the demo script.
  1. Choose the option 1 to generate load and simulate memory high problem.

5. After generating Load in app

Lets observe what happen after the load is generated.

Humio shows logs

Humio shows log entries from iLender app.

Application Summary in Instana

Application Summary shows no. of calls, latency and etc.

Incident as Slack Story

Incident is created in slack. It shows Title, Description, links to servicenow incident, localization, blast radius, alerts and log anomalies count.

View Relevant Event

It shows the Instana event Creditscore memory high issue as an alert.

Click on Show more to see the event detail.

Click on Show more to see the event detail.

Click on Show more to see the log anomaly detail.

Click on Preview logs to see the logs detail.

Click on Search Similar Incident to open Similar incidents window.

View Similar Incidents

Click on Search to see the Similar incidents list.

Similar incidents list is displayed.

Click on any of the similar incident to see its details.

The similar incident detail is displayed in ServiceNow.

Blast Radius

Click on the blast radius link in the slack story to view the blast radius.


Click on the Incident link to see the incident created for the memory issue in servicenow .

See the 2 events associated with this incident.

Credit Score service memory in Instana

Observe the memory high in Instana

See the incident created in Instana

Event in Event Manager

See the Event in Event Manager

Story in WebConsole

See the application screen contains the stories.

Click on the View Details link to see the story details in webconsole .


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