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  • 1.  Program crashing

    Posted Mon May 22, 2023 02:12 PM

    My SPSS program has been crashing and closing when any processes are performed. It will open the data set file, but as soon as a perform an action the entire program closes without an error message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but it continues to malfunction in the same way.

    Lindy Jacobs

  • 2.  RE: Program crashing

    Posted Tue May 23, 2023 12:14 PM

    Hi @Lindy Jacobs ,
    I am very good at what I do, but I am not omniscient.  Let's start with the basics...
    - What operating System are you on?  macOS or Windows?
    - Which version of IBM SPSS Statistics are you using.  If you are able to launch the product, the splash screen should tell you.  Otherwise go to "Help -> About" (on Windows) or "SPSS Statistics -> About IBM SPSS Statistics" (on macOS) and it should tell you (e.g. (171)).
    - If you are on Windows, you might look into Known Issue DT208153.
    - If you are on macOS, and using IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription, you might look into Known Issue DT178259.

    • There is also a technote about obtaining logging information from the SPSS Statistics client application.  If you follow Technote 233131 it can show you how to collect more information to diagnose your issue.

      I hope this helps!

    David Dwyer
    SPSS Technical Support
    IBM Software