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Hype Cycles for AI

  • 1.  Hype Cycles for AI

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon November 27, 2023 07:56 AM

    Pretty amazing how this Gartner Hype Cycle image is thrown all over the Internet - with pundits talking about how the OpenAI soap opera is a manifestation Hype Cycle and Peak of inflated expectations, etc. (wrong!)  It is important to recognize that this Gartner "model" is a "general descriptive model" and is primarily focused on market saturation (which none of the platforms have reached, including OpenAI despite their rampant adoption curve) and we have yet to see the impact that data privacy and security or regulatory inconsistencies and fragmentation will have. Ensuring that all AI applications (not just LLMs) adhere to data protection regulations and safeguard against security threats is a continuous challenge that the industry continues to grapple with.  Moreover despite the facility of use that natural language offers users there are still skills shortages looming and the dire need for transparency and explainability (especially for those of us in regulated industries(.


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