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CPLEX 12.10 compatibility

  • 1.  CPLEX 12.10 compatibility

    Posted Tue March 07, 2023 09:31 AM
    Edited by Rory Keeley Tue March 07, 2023 12:25 PM

    As is known to all, CPLEX 12.10 is the last version that supply APIs for Matlab.

    I have some issues when I install the CPLEX 12.10 for my server.

    Here I post some of my troubleshooting:

    Issue 1:

    Install CPLEX OPTIMIZATION STUDIO get error messages: 

    • Missing license file LA_id
    • Missing license file LI_id

    The OS I use is Ubuntu 22 and it does not officially support the CPLEX 12.10. 

    I try it on Ubuntu 20 and Ubuntu 18 and it can successfully be installed.


    Use silent installation:

    set INSTALLER_UI=silent and LICENSE_ACCEPTED=true

    Issue 2:

    CPLEX always cause Matlab crashing down.

    The Matlab I use is Matlab 2021b.

    The mex function cplexlink12100.mexa64 make Matlab crash.


    Use an old version of Matlab:

    The official documentation indicates Matlab 2019b and before will be okay.

    As I tested, 2021a and before will be okay.

    If anyone has a solution that can still use 2021b or even later, it will be good that there will be a comment of your solution. 

    ma yier