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FAQs for SPSS Statistics Subscription

By Douglas Stauber posted Tue March 21, 2017 01:59 PM

IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription has generated a lot of excitement since we launched. Here are the top questions we've gotten since the release:


  • What makes SPSS Statistics Subscription different from SPSS Statistics 25?
    SPSS Statistics Subscription includes monthly subscription pricing, simple packaging, and easy user management. It will let users be always up to date with the latest product features and can include the full features of SPSS Statistics (all modules). Plus, it does it all without license keys.

  • What are the requirements for SPSS Statistics Subscription?
    Windows or Mac desktop machine with a valid internet connection.

  • Do I always have to be online to use SPSS Statistics Subscription?
    No. The product allows up to 2 weeks of offline use before it requires a valid internet connection to re-authenticate with the license server.  Note the trial always requires online access, but this restriction is removed for the purchased product.

  • Does SPSS Statistics Subscription launch with new features besides better product management?
    Yes. It has features beyond SPSS Statistics 25. Subscribers will have the ability to check for and install the updates. We encourage subscribers to keep up with the updates to get the most out of the software.

  • Has SPSS Statistics Subscription changed the existing SPSS Statistics licensing?
    No, the existing licensing and packaging for SPSS Statistics 25 remains the same.


  • How do I download and license the Subscription?
    Easily. Downloads are available on My IBM Products and Services without navigating multiple pages. Licensing is via your IBMID (often your email address) so there are no license keys!

  • How easy it is to change machines with the Subscription?
    Very easy. Users can use the new "Exit and Sign Out" feature to move your license from one computer to another. Users can also deactivate the software remotely via My IBM Products and Services. Like magic, that license will be available for another use even if the first machine is offline.

  • What statistical capabilities does Subscription include?
    The Subscription can do everything that SPSS Statistics 25 can do (and even more). The check for updates feature makes it easy to keep your software always up to date.

  • My hard drive crashed / I moved computers / I ran out of installs. Now what?
    With Subscription, you won't ever get stuck. In each of these instances, simply log onto to My IBM Products and Services to reactivate your software.

  • Can the Subscription work with multiple users?
    Yes. Subscription works great for up to hundreds of authorized users. Administrators can use My IBM Products and Services to assign and move capabilities between users.

  • Do I have to use SPSS License Key Center or Passport Advantage Online?
    No. 100% of the Subscription Administration happens on My IBM Products and Services.


  • What are the purchase options available?
    SPSS Statistics Subscription is for authorized users at commercial pricing. There is no concurrent, student, or academic pricing at this time. So, it's not recommended as a replacement for Campus edition, Gradpacks, or Faculty packs.

  • Can I subscribe yearly instead of monthly?
    Yes. Please contact an IBM seller and they will assist with additional purchase options.

  • I don't want a monthly subscription. Can I prepay for x months in advance?
    Yes. Please contact an IBM seller and you can pre-purchase for up to 60 months in advance.

  • Is there a server version of SPSS Statistics Subscription?
    No, this offering is client only.  If you need a server version, please purchase SPSS Statistics 25.


  • What are the packaging options for SPSS Statistics Subscription? Please see this blog post.

  • So what is included in the Base edition of SPSS Statistics Subscription?
    The Base Edition includes everything that was in SPSS Statistics 25 Base (including charts, correlation, T-tests, frequencies, and much more) plus Bootstrapping and advanced Data Preparation modules at no additional cost.

  • Are the packages progressive?
    No.  You can purchase any add-on at any time.


  • Is the subscription the only way customers will be able to purchase the product?
    No.  Users have the option to purchase SPSS Statistics 25 as well.

  • Will all SPSS Statistics 25 syntax work with SPSS Statistics Subscription?
    Yes.  Subscription syntax is fully backwards compatible.

  • Can you run SPSS Statistics Subscription through a desktop virtualization environment (think Citrix etc.)?
    Yes. The VM only needs access to the internet for Subscription to work properly.

  • Where is this offering available for purchase?
    It is available for purchase worldwide since March 28, 2017.

  • Can Business Partners resell SPSS Statistics Subscription?
    Yes, resellers are welcomed. Contact your rep for details.

To learn more about SPSS Statistics Subscription, visit the IBM Marketplace or read more in this tips and tricks blog post.

EDIT: Updated Feb 2018 to include the latest information




Tue December 13, 2022 04:27 PM

I would like assistance in selecting the appropriate SPSS monthly license.  I wish to run non-linear multiple regression analyses on a dependent variable with as many as 15 independent variables, less than 1500 dependent variable data points, missing exploratory variables.  I have never used SPSS and would have to learn it.  I would require about a week of SPSS to do all my work, this would happen about twice per year.
Within those parameters, which level of SPSS should I lease?

Fri June 15, 2018 03:17 PM

I have a new computer - am I able to uninstall the SPSS licensing on my computer and transfer it to my new computer? If so, how would I do this? Is there a tutorial? Is there a file I can download or print?

Mon November 13, 2017 03:05 PM

Hi - For SPSS Statistics Subscription, trials are 14 days and do not automatically convert to a paid Subscription. If you decide to purchase, you do so monthly and the Subscription by default auto-renews every month. You can cancel anytime by going to MyIBM and turning off auto-renew. We designed it to be very similar to other subscription services, like Netflix. Hope that helps.

Sat November 11, 2017 06:09 AM

Can i terminate the free trials after the end of 30-days trial?