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The Flash Newsletter - July 2021 Edition

By Claudia Beisiegel posted Mon July 19, 2021 09:03 PM


Dear IBM Customers, Business Partners and IBMers, 


I hope your summer is going well.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!


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IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Liberty , WebSphere Hybrid Edition and WebSphere Automation


WebSphere Usergroup Roadshow (July and August):



Liberty available now


WebSphere Hybrid Edition

Up to 8x more capacity: Start your journey to containers with IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition. On the way, take advantage of flexible entitlements and tools for modernization to get up to eight times more capacity* within your existing entitlement.


WebSphere Automation


Struggling to keep up with WebSphere security vulnerabilities? Be resilient with new self-securing features in WebSphere Automation!


Automate WebSphere operations - without changing your existing environment - with simple actions to improve operational efficiency and security.

With newly launched WebSphere Automation you can leverage automation to reduce manual toil and remove monotonous tasks of understanding your WebSphere security posture.
Learn how! https://www.ibm.com/cloud/websphere-automation



Join the  WebSphere Customer Advisory Board (WAS CAB).

Meetings are every Thursday and Friday 9:15 am EST no registration required.  


WAS CAB: Open Liberty Tools for IntelliJ plugin feedback session

WAS CAB: Enable TLS database connections on Open Liberty

WAS CAB: WebSphere & Liberty Security update - continued (part II)

WAS CAB: GitLab Ultimate for z/OS deep dive

WAS&Integration CAB: Delivering Digital Trust (e.g. with ISAM)

Register now for: TechCon 2021

IBM Cloud Paks   

AI-powered software for hybrid cloud 


IBM Automation Platform Update | Link

Read analyst must-haves

Explore Live sessions


IBM Cloud Pak for Data  | LINK | Trial Link | product hub

Unlock data faster with a data fabric

Learn about the latest version of IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Version 4.0.


IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation | LINK | Free Trial Link


IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a set of integrated market-leading software designed to help you solve your toughest operational challenges.  -> Join us for the July-21 webinar, reserve your spot now

·       IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation 21.0.1 delivers a new cross Cloud Pak user experience for business automation developers

·       IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is built on a shared automation foundation | Link

·       IBM signs agreement to acquire myInvenio | Link

·       Total Economic Impact study by Forrester | Link

IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps | LINK | Try the Demo

Innovate faster, reduce operational cost and transform IT operations with an AIOPs solution that delivers visibility into performance data and dependencies across environments. Embrace the changing operations landscape with automation that alerts IT staff to problems, their root causes, and recommended solutions without the need for human intervention.

If you’re looking for IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight or any previous IBM IT management offerings, IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps is the evolution of your current entitlement.

·       Demos and Use Cases

·       Hands on Lab

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration  | Automate Integrations

·       IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.1.1

·       Improve application speed and quality with a recognized leader in cloud integration 

·       Drive new engagement models

·       Improve integration efficiency

·       Reduce security risks

·       IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is built on a shared automation foundation 

·       Resources, Client Stories, Services 

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation | LINK 

Omdia Whitepaper

·       Transform your network with cloud and AI-powered automation, part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation 

·       Deploy new 5G services faster | Demo

·       How cloud and AI-powered automation are transforming the telco operations model

·       IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager 1.3

IBM Cloud Pak for Security 

IBM Security introduces:

IBM Cloud Pak for Security as a Service, which simplifies how organizations deploy a zero-trust architecture across the enterprise. | Learn More


·       IBM Cloud Pak for Security 1.7.1 platform includes IBM Security SOAR Playbook Designer

·       Explore this interactive demo of IBM Cloud Pak for Security 

·       Connected security for a hybrid, multicloud world | Demo

·       Read more in the Cyber Resilient Organization Report | Register

·       Watch the Forrester-led webinar on security platforms | Register

·       Use Cases, Capabilities, Benefits and Testimonials

IBM Cloud Pak System | LINK 

·       IBM Cloud Pak System W3550 documentation

·       Highly available hardware foundation includes CPU, memory storage and network

·       Efficient VMware virtualization extends your hardware investments

·       Integrated container platform features Red Hat Enterprise Linux® virtual machines, Red Hat OpenShift cloud platform, and container orchestration with Kubernetes*

·       Robust management tool set helps you manage templates, users and security, maintenance and upgrades, and backup and disaster recovery

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications


GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud Paks | BLOGS

·       GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud Paks 

·       GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud Paks is now available to IBM clients to extend their DevOps workflow 

·       GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud® Paks helps you achieve an open and hybrid DevOps automation solution to embrace and manage diverse toolchains. The IBM DevOps automation platform streamlines the execution of more secure and robust software delivery workflows.

IBM Expert TV - Experts always on. AI, Automation and Cloud.


Subscribe first at ibm.biz/experttv  

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See the New Capabilities Available in IBM Mono2Micro 21.0.06 in Action!

What is the WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit?

What’s New in Transformation Advisor 2.4.4

Binary Scanner Tips and Tricks

Cloud Pak for Integration and the anyuid SCC

IBM App Connect for Manufacturing

What's new in Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.2.1 ?

IBM UrbanCode Deploy and Red Hat Ansible: Better Together ... for IBM Z

IBM Java disables TLSv1 and TLSv11 by default. How does it affect WebSphere?


Simplified Developer User Experience with IBM API Connect v10.0.3

Test APIs secured with OAuth using Automated Testing

Configuring a SAP Inbound connection from an IBM App Connect Container running in Cloud Pak for Integration ...

Writing JUnit Error Tests With IBM App Connect Enterprise 12

New interface for MQ Requirements

IBM Rational Test 10.2 is out!


Community events  

WebSphere and Liberty Community Spotlight: WebSphere on IBM Cloud Next Generation - WAS for VSI

Jan 27, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET)

IBM EXPERT TV: Monitoring Traditional WebSphere Application Server with Prometheus/Grafana

Apr 14, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET)

IBM Expert TV: Deep Dive with Transformation Advisor

Jul 20, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM (ET)

Bet Big on AI-Powered Automation Speaker Series: Dinesh Nirmal

Jul 21, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET)


Liberty,5,6 Technical Overview, Update, and Q&A (Session 1) Webinar

Jul 21, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

Liberty,5,6 Technical Overview, Update, and Q&A (Session 2)

Aug 4, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (ET)



Redbooks / Blueprints

z/OS Connect EE Deployment Planning Workshops

How to speed-up z/OS Connect EE adoption in your company with the deployment planning workshops. Aymeric Affouard and Eric Phan tell you how you can leverage IBM Systems Lab Services assets and skills to implement a right modern access to your mainframe applications.




Introduction Guide to the IBM Elastic Storage System
Revised: July 13, 2021
More details are available at


 Redbooks and Redpapers


Getting started with z/OS Container Extensions and Docker
Revised: July 12, 2021 ISBN: 0738458155
Explore online at


IBM z/OS Container Extensions (zCX) Use Cases
Revised: July 12, 2021 ISBN: 0738459119
Explore online at


IBM Power Systems Private Cloud with Shared Utility Capacity: Featuring Power Enterprise Pools 2.0
Revised: July 13, 2021 ISBN: 0738459429
Explore online at


The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM Z Volume 1: IBM z/VM 7.2
Revised: July 15, 2021 ISBN: 0738459720
Explore online at


IBM Spectrum Virtualize 3-Site Replication
Published: July 14, 2021 ISBN: 0738459801
Explore online at


IBM FlashSystem and VMware Implementation and Best Practices Guide
Published: July 15, 2021 ISBN: 073845981X
Explore online at


Best Practices Guide for Databases on IBM FlashSystem
Published: July 15, 2021 ISBN: 0738459828
Explore online at




AIX and the Enterprise Cloud Solution Guide September 20, 2021
Contact: Scott Vetter. Residency needs 3 residents.
Residency location: No primary location
More details are available at


IBM Power Systems Cloud Security Guide: Protect IT Infrastructure in All Layers September 13, 2021
Contact: Dino Quintero. Residency needs 5 residents.
Residency location: No primary location
More details are available at





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