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See the New Capabilities Available in IBM Mono2Micro 21.0.06 in Action!

By Dana Price posted Fri June 25, 2021 10:57 AM

@Len Theivendra and Travis Wang joined me this week in our Expert TV App Transformation: More than Meets the Eye channel, where we explore lots of subjects related to Application Modernization.  Len and Travis demonstrated the latest innovation in the most recent IBM Mono2Micro™  update.​  Mono2Micro is a key modernization tool available in WebSphere Hybrid Edition, and can be downloaded for a 90-day evaluation at https://ibm.biz/Mono2Micro.

If you haven't had the chance to learn about Mono2Micro already, I'd encourage you to start with one of our previous episodes, where Len and @Debasish Banerjee introduced Mono2Micro.  They explored the background of the product, the value of its use of artificial intelligence in refactoring and then demonstrated its full end-to-end flow.  Len started with the running monolithic application and ended with the newly partitioned, independent microservices running in Open Liberty.  View that 48-minute episode here.

In this week's episode, it was exciting to explore the improvements that make it easier to introspect the monolithic application on its path to microservices!  View the 26-minute episode by clicking on the image below or clicking here.  And, to see some specifics about those updates and see zoomed in screenshots, take a look at Len's recent blog.

And, then jump right in and explore Mono2Micro via the interactive demo available at https://ibm.biz/Mono2Micro.  The guided tour gives a terrific overview and then you will be ready to download Mono2Micro to use it with your favorite monolithic application!