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IBM Storage Insights updated, now collecting switch and fabric metadata!

( Courtesy of DepositPhotos ) The 2nd quarter update for IBM Storage Insights is highlighted by the management of switches and fabrics that gives your storage administrator even more power in order to see a complete end-to-end picture of the environment from the hosts to the storage. Your...

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Business Partners / IBM TechU / The Wheel of Misfortune

Business Partners / IBM TechU / The Wheel of Misfortune Wheel of Misfortune Data Resilience SpectrumCast - 1030 Last week we talked about the fact that no one vendor could build all the capabilities into their product to satisfy all customer needs. IBM has chosen a path with Its...

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Spectrum Scale NAS at home

IBM Spectrum Scale is an enterprise Software Defined Storage product which means it is scalable, high performance, full featured, and never seen in the home environment. But since last year there is a special version of Spectrum Scale which is available free for home or development use and...

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Special Edition SpectrumCast - Technology Partner Cobalt Iron

SpectrumCast Special Technology Partner Edition - Episode 1 - Cobalt Iron In our last episode we talked about how no one vendor could possibly provide all the myriad of needs that customers have when it comes to data protection. Because of this, technology companies partner with other...

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Planning for Data-Intensive Science

Data-intensive Science describes research and engineering efforts which depend on the processing of large datasets which are acquired from instruments such as cameras, genome sequencers, super microscopes and other devices. Data-intensive science requires scalable and flexible IT infrastructure...

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Spectrum Scale NAS at home part 6: Using Cloud Object storage as a backup

Backups have come a long way since a 8mm tape drives stuck directly in the front of a server with one tape per day of the week. Having an offline copy of your data in a fireproof data vault is a reassuring thought. In the modern datacenters we use either physical tape libraries or virtual tape...

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Spectrum Scale NAS at home part 5: Creating snapshots to safeguard against ransomware attacks

Keeping your data safe is not easy these days as attacks get more sophisticated. Spectrum Scale can help you in the following ways: Compartmentalize by providing an external filesystem Versioning of files by using snapshot technology Replicating immutable backups to cloud storage In...

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Spectrum Scale NAS at home part 4: Migrating files to the best storage

Part of file management is moving files onto storage where they are best suited. Within Spectrum Scale we call these storage types "pools" and moving "migrating", as this is done online, while the file stays in its directory. You can copy a file in which case the placement rules are applied...

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Attend THINK Labs, get the Storage skills you need

IBM THINK is available to all as replays so I encourage all Community members and interested others to take part in this valuable learning opportunity! Storage sessions can be found here. #Highlights-home #Highlights

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GPUDirect Storage with IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum Scale 5.1.1 adds Tech Preview support for the beta release of NVIDIA Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage (GDS) . This innovative technology simplifies the data path from storage to the GPU to improve the performance of applications on the NVIDIA CUDA platform . GDS enables...

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