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Join thousands of your cyber pro peers at the IBM Security Virtual Master Skills University (VMSU), September 13-16, 2021

We are just a few weeks away from the premier deep-dive on-line event for customers and partners of IBM Security’s cyber solutions – the IBM Security Virtual Master Skills University. Thousands of your cyber professional peers have already signed up to learn how to get even more out of our...

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Data shows breach costs are lower with hybrid cloud and AI

As an IBM customer, you understand that a hybrid cloud infrastructure and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential benefits for modernizing your business. Now, n ew research from the annual Cost of a Data Breach Report offers clear evidence that these strategies...

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Data Breach Costs Continue to Rise But Mitigating Factors Help CISOs Pave a Path Forward

Data breaches have been growing in numbers and scale, taking longer to detect and contain. The average total cost of a data breach is at its highest of 17 years, at $4.24 million. The year over year increase of 10% is the largest single year cost increase recorded in the last 7 years. IBM and...

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SDSF Security Parts 1 & 2

IBM Champion and IBM Z and security expert Julie Bergh shares slides and recording of these sessions she presented on SDSF. #ibmchampions-championsinaction #ibmchampions-highlights #ibmchampions-highlights-home #Security

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IBM Security: Behind the Shield Premiere

There might not be a more interesting topic in the technology world today than cybersecurity. Sure, we might be biased—both of us work in the industry and love what we do. Cybersecurity news and information used to be relegated to niche websites and tech pubs, but today it’s a focus of virtually...

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FIDO2 in less than 15 minutes with ISAM 9.0.7 (Part 1 of 4)

In this article I’m going to show you how to configure #FIDO2 on ISAM and get simple WebAuthn registration and authentication flows working. The pre-requisite is that you have an ISAM 9.0.7 system with a web reverse proxy and advanced access control configured and working. From there our 15...

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Thoughts from a Data Security Expert: 3 Things that Keep Me Up at Night

Tony DeMichele shares his thoughts on potential risks and vulnerabilities as an IT leader in charge of database engineering and database audit and compliance for a Fortune 50 American company with millions of customers. #ibmchampions-highlights-home #ibmchampions-highlights #Security

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TLSv1.3 in WebSphere Application Server

The history of SSL/TLS in the enterprise has been a dramatic one over the past decade or so. In 2014, the IT world was rocked by the discovery of a serious security vulnerability called POODLE, affecting what was then the de facto standard for communication encryptions, SSLv3. Information...

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New Feature Alert: User Risk Management for identifying top risky users with endpoint management

As an Info-Sec manager, Do you find it challenging to identity top risky users in your organization? Do you have visibility of incidents that termed them as risky users? Does your endpoint manager give you the ability to configure risk rules? This is where User Risk...

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