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Discussion Thread 9
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Recap June 9 Virtual Meetup: ML Ops

We held our second virtual meetup yesterday, with William Roberts providing an overview of the emerging field of ML Ops. Check out his slides and watch the replay below. Please head over to the forum to share you comments and questions . Join us again on Thursday, July 9 from 6 to 7.30pm...

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ML Ops Day, OSCON 2019

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 : at the OSCON open source conference this year in Portland, we hosted a track called ML Ops Day: Managing the end-to-end ML lifecycle – sponsored by the IBM Data Science Community. Even though our call for proposals for the track was open for only a few weeks,...

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On the direction of SPSS Modeler

There have been various changes within IBM’s Data Science & Machine Learning product portfolio over the last months. This has also brought some confusion around the direction of IBM SPSS Modeler, so I wanted to clarify a few things. If you read no further, I want you to know that IBM SPSS...

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SPSS Modeler Extension Nodes – Embedding R and Python Code in Modeler

SPSS Modeler 18.1 introduced five new nodes that allows you to embed Python and R code in a Modeler Stream. With these nodes you can extend and embrace open source in SPSS Modeler, to perform tasks you can’t easily accomplish with out-of-the-box Modeler nodes. ...

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Discover the value of combining SPSS Statistics and R for deeper insights

In today’s world, data is flowing from all directions—credit cards, phones and devices equipped with weather and location sensors. The key to success for any organization in this digital age is the ability to analyze data and extract insights from all of these sources in order to drive quality...

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Introduction to R in IBM SPSS Modeler: A guide for SPSS Users

Wannes Rosius, IBMer, Community member and SPSS Modeler guru has shared this excellent paper introducing users to the R integration in Modeler - even if you have a very limited knowledge of R, you can follow through his examples to get up and running quickly. Click here to download ...

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Harvesting Data from Facebook with IBM SPSS Statistics

Update: By popular demand click here to download the extension and code We all know that SPSS Statistics can import data from a wide variety of sources, but what about importing data from social media sites such as Facebook? Turns out you can do that too with a relatively simple extension...

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Ranking algorithm for the layman - New Modeler Extension

There are a lot of ranking algorithms for you to use and represent your data. Now, that doesn't mean that the ranking algorithm is the most appropriate for your situation. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish and who will be the audience of your final product. Some ranking...

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