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Updated docs on programmability in SPSS Statistics

By Archive User posted Wed March 30, 2016 05:29 PM

Check out the new version of the Programming and Data Management book (for SPSS Statistics 24). The book covers data management using the IBM SPSS Statistics command language, programming with IBM SPSS Statistics and Python or R, IBM SPSS Statistics extension commands, and IBM SPSS Statistics for SAS programmers. Source code is provided for all of the examples used in the book.

This book will help you to perform the following tasks:

  • Utilize the Python programming language to control the IBM SPSS Statistics command stream.

  • Read from and write to active datasets.

  • Create new datasets.

  • Create custom output.

  • Write custom procedures in R.

  • Create new IBM SPSS Statistics commands--called extension commands--that are implemented in Python or R.

Also check out the new version of "Writing IBM SPSS Statistics Extension Commands", updated for SPSS Statistics 24. This document explains extension commands, which wrap programs that are written in the Python programming language, R, or Java in custom IBM® SPSS® Statistics command syntax.