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Announcing API Connect v10.0.5 as the next Long Term Support (LTS) Release

By Nathan Ziemann posted Tue July 12, 2022 12:15 PM

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With the summer flying by, we want to announce the availability of API Connect v10.0.5 !!  This release is denoted as a Long Term Support (LTS) Release, announced in June, w
ith two years of support expected from the June 30th GA date. Customers on our existing LTS release, v10.0.1 (soon to be in market for 2 years, come September) now have a direct path between two LTS releases.  IBM API Connect v10.0.5 is available via first class operators for Kubernetes Platforms, including OpenShift.  v10.0.5 VMware virtual appliances are coming soon, so stay tuned for more information And of course IBM API Connect 10.0.5 is part of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2022.2.1 also released as a Long Term Support Release.

Check out what's new !!

This release includes new features, enhancements, & changes you'll want to read about when preparing to upgrade.  Check out the
"What's New" section of our IBM Documentation for all the details.  Here's a few highlights: 

  1. A redesigned Analytics component, built on a new technology stack, provides a simplified UX for api providers & business analysts, not requiring learning complex lucene queries.  New features include a Latency visualizer & ability to access analytics information across multiple catalogs & more.  Check out our Analytics blog to learn about all the details, including required planning for before upgrading due to differences in the technology stacks. 
  2. Continued expansion of OpenAPI3 support with GraphQL supporting OAI3, Validate and Map gateway policies supporting OAI3, with 100% coverage of gateway policies in the new DataPower v10.5 firmware.
  3. API Connect 10.0.5 includes the new DataPower LTS Release, v10.5 for the API Gateway component.   DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition (in Containers) and the brand new DataPower X3 (8496 MT) physical appliance (Launched May 2022) is supported today.  Support for additional Virtual & Physical appliances are coming soon, so stay tuned for more information.

For users of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, we've added new features and deployment flexibility available on the platform:
  • AutoTest Assist automatically generates randomized requests using AI to identify errors earlier in the development phase, taking a shift-left approach to simplifying API testing without writing test cases.
  • Support for Linux on IBM Z IFL hardware (API Connect Portal and API Connect Manager components)
  • 2 Data Center topology deployment for disaster recovery with warm standby.  API Connect containers running on Cloud Pak for Integration can now be deployed on two different sites for warm standby.  This has already been supported in API Connect V10 standalone deployments, now available when deployed on the platform.
Check out the Release support page for direct links to update package locations.