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Integration experts, questions, and discussions - oh my! Four days until Community Festival!

By Jina K posted Thu November 04, 2021 11:12 AM

On November 8, the IBM Community Festival will feature a multi-day, live, and virtual event on Expert TV.  Make sure to subscribe NOW so you don't miss this event!
IBM Community Festival 2021

For all of you in the Integration Community, we have some really exciting sessions. Here's the lineup:

User Group Day 1

When: 8 November 2021, 6:00 AM ET | 11:00 AM GMT
Speaker: Chris Phillips
Session: Governing Cats - How to Govern Large API Estates
About the session: Governance is becoming a bigger and bigger problem with API estates. In this session, IBM Master Inventor @Christopher Phillips helps clarify which principles are followed and which ones have evolved organically. Chris will also cover strategies to identify inconsistencies and problems, and illuminate how to put a process in place that reduces these problems for the future.

When: 8 November 2021, 7:00AM ET | 12:00PM GMT
Speakers: Mike Wyvill, Ian Hurworth, James Blackburn, Martin Evans, and Hugh Everett
Session: UK Integration User Group: Hybrid Cloud Integration– from Zero to Hero
About the session:
Several leaders from the UK User Group are presenting a panel discussion on real approaches to achieving a useful, practical presence in one or more clouds for IBM integration and messaging products. The panelists will discuss what they have learned along the journey and will share their best practices. @Mike Wyvill, @Ian Hurworth, and @James Blackburn are Community members like you, so you definitely don't want to miss this session! (And for more from this interactive group, make sure to check out their roadshow here.)

When: 8 November 2021, 8:30AM ET | 1:30PM GMT
Speaker: Matu Agarwal
Session: Create multi-style integrations with AI-powered no code, low code App Connect Designer
About the session: @Matu Agarwal's session will cover a live demo of multi-style integration using the no code, low code App Connect Designer tooling part of Cloud Pak for Integration. He will also cover powerful AI features that can simplify your overall experience of building these integrations quickly and with confidence!

User Group Day 2

When: 16 November 2021, 7:00AM ET | 12:00PM GMT
Speaker: James Hewitt
Session: What's new in Cloud Pak for Integration?
About the session: As more businesses and enterprises move to modernize and stay current, the transition to a public cloud can be a challenge for some. For Cloud Pak for Integration users (or if you're just interested in choosing this platform), you'll learn about key updates on recent new features, such as AI-led API test generation, native HA for MQ workloads, management of event based APIs, and more. Come to this session to hear directly
from the Cloud Pak for Integration Architect and Master Inventor @James Hewitt.

When: 16 November 2021, 8:00AM ET | 1:00PM GMT
Speaker: Aiden Gallagher
Session: How customers are modernizing and common pitfalls
About the session: Organizations want to be able to rapidly deploy new applications and integrate them to realize business value. In this session, Expert Labs Integration Consultant @Aiden Gallagher will discuss how customers are modernizing their integration platforms in the field looking at common pitfalls and how you can also get started on your modernization journey. This talk will be focused around MQ, ACE, and APIC detailing deployment locations (cloud, containers), cloud-native, deployment considerations and application observability.

When: 16 November 2021, 2:30PM ET | 7:30PM GMT
Speaker: David Ware
Session: Cloud Native Messaging with MQ
About the session: MQ is a versatile messaging solution that supports a wide range of event driven and decoupled messaging styles, within and across applications and even businesses. In this session, you'll hear from @David Ware, , who will dive into how MQ has evolved to become a lightweight, cloud native solution to match your application's needs. You'll see how other users are building production-grade MQ deployments in containers, benefiting both from its core capabilities and brand new innovations to bring best in class message consistency and availability to the cloud.

When: 16 November 2021, 3:30PM ET | 8:30PM GMT
Speaker: Morag Hughson
Session: Set up security for your MQ system
About the session: MQ offers customers comprehensive security options and it often leads to questions about which security features should be used and when. Trying to distill this thought process down into a small worksheet was an interesting process and this presentation follows the process with various iterations of the worksheet. As a result, this presentation will look briefly at the various MQ security features and how they integrate together, and when you might choose to use them. @Morag Hughson
hopes the resultant worksheet will lead to conversations in the MQ community as to how it can be improved to help guide people to set up the MQ security that they need.

Which session are you most excited to attend? Comment below!

If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to IBM Expert TV to view the virtual Community Festival. For the full schedule of this multi-day event, visit



Fri November 12, 2021 10:30 AM

Mon November 08, 2021 04:21 PM

And  User Group Day 1 is over! The sessions were informative and if you attended any of them, we hope that you learned something and that you were able to connect with others on the platform!

Not to worry if you weren't able to attend the first day sessions, I've got you covered!

Replays are below:

Governing Cats - How to Govern Large API Estates:

UK Integration User Group: Panel Discussion, Hybrid Cloud Integration– from Zero to Hero:

Create multi-style integrations with AI-powered no code, low code App Connect Designer:

For other replays, check them out here: