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Containers, Microservices and Open Source: IBM i From Another Perspective

IBM Champion Niels Liisberg on container and microservice technologies, open source on IBM i and why IBM i has a great future ahead for robust solutions. #ibmchampions-highlights-home #ibmchampions-highlights #Containers #Microservices

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Use Apache Camel K to Create Microservice Apps with Instana

Instana is the fully - automated Application Performance Management (APM) solution designed specifically for the challenges of managing microservice s and cloud-native applications. Its extensive support of middlewares, services, products and environments ensur es that...

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Comparing a service mesh with API management in a microservice architecture

API management shares much at a high level with the newer concept of a service mesh. How are they different from one another? What are each of their use cases, and how might they work in combination? Why the comparison? In recent years, as microservices architecture has started to mature, we...

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Microservices and APIs: Defining application boundaries

In a recent post on integration architecture Alan Glickenhouse touched on the question of when and where API management should be used in relation to microservice architecture. This post looks at that question at the next level of depth, exploring the positioning of API management to both...

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