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InformixHQ storing password to database servers

  • 1.  InformixHQ storing password to database servers

    Posted 14 days ago

     InformixHQ Server
    Version: 1.6.2
    Build Timestamp: 2021-12-21T01:53:11-0600

    From informix 14.10.fc7w1 install  

    I have informix hq install on RH 8 server and setup to monitor with agents deployed.   
    Everything working as expected.   

    I have the monitoring and admin setup in HQ as informix for both.  (for now) 

    We have a requirement that all elevated accounts like informix, root or other admin accounts be managed by Cyberark.  

    This means I will never really know the informix password and have to log in to the server using the cyberark method.  Cyberark handles all the password changes for the informix account and it works so far at that level. 

    The challenge I am having is if we onboard the 14.10 DB servers to Cyberark and the password for Informix changes, how to update the Informix HQ with the new password.   After everything is implement there will be 30 servers in HQ.  

    Yes, I could/should create another userid for informix with admin rights and one for a monitoring account.  

    Yes Carlton, I still have the notes you gave me to create the new users and grant the permissions to the tables. I am lazy!

    Does InformixHQ have any API's published or not to perform this password change?  

    The cyberark admin has some tools that could update the InformixHQ every time the password is changed, but we are not able to figure out how.  

    The Kernoal

    BTW Love version 14.10   We have upgraded 1 server from 11.40 to 14.10 and it is amazing.    HQ is also very useful. 

    Kernoal Stephens