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  • 1.  DB2 Community Edition on Linux: unable to backup use TSM

    Posted Tue June 07, 2022 06:28 AM
    Edited by Igor MERKU' Tue June 07, 2022 06:30 AM
    I have successfully set up DB2 Community Edition 9.7.4 on SLES 12.5
    I have created a db and imported data from another source db.
    I can connect to the db. I can backup online to disk.

    I would like to backup this db with TSM (actually Spectrum Protect with client

    I am able to configure the api to connect to the server and via db2adutl I get a response, I see client session in TSM actlog.
    BUT, I cannot backup use TSM. This is the error I get (command: db2 backup database <name-of-the-db> use TSM include logs):

    SQL2071N An error occurred while accessing the shared library
    "/home/db2inst1/sqllib/adsm/libtsm.a". Reason code: "2".

    The libtsm.a file exists in this dir and is readable by db2inst1.

    When i set LOGARCHMETH1/2 to TSM:MC (MC=management class) I cannot even db2 connect to - get the same error.

    I hope that I am not chasing ghosts here ... can I backup DB2 Community Edition to TSM or is this a feature excluded?
    (I do backup DB2 Enterprise Edition AIX to TSM, though)

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot, Igor

    Igor MERKU'

  • 2.  RE: DB2 Community Edition on Linux: unable to backup use TSM

    Posted Wed June 08, 2022 03:48 PM
    Is there anything in db2diag.log that gives a lower-level return code, such as from the dlopen() call? There could be an incompatibility or access failure on a lower-level library.

    David Mooney

  • 3.  RE: DB2 Community Edition on Linux: unable to backup use TSM

    Posted Thu June 09, 2022 01:38 AM
    Hello David,
    IBM Support was so kind to give me some hints on this problem, so I was able to solve it. In fact, I didn't think of checking the db2diag...

    From db2diag.log:
    /usr/lib64/libApiTSM64.so: symbol GSKKM_OpenKeyDbData, version GSKIKM not defined in file libgsk8km_64.so with link time reference

    IBM Support pointed me to ISP (IBM Spectrum Protect) problem, not DB2.
    There are some docs that somewhat explain the problem:

    Frist step was to add gsk8_64 lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH (sqllib/userprofile, db2stop, logout/login, db2start):
    but that was not enough in my case.

    In the end I looked at downgrading the ISP client from the installed 8.1.14 down to 7.1.6 because of the gskcript and gskssl libraries that come with ISP. I had to downgrade to ISP client 7.1.6 which uses a lower version of gskcrypt and gskssl. All other versions above, as far as I have seen from the tar's I have, are all 8.0-55.24.
    DB2 is now able to use TSM to backup.
    Thanks, David, for your interest in the problem and tip.

    Cheers, Igor

    Igor MERKU'