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  • 1.  HQ install

    Posted Tue August 10, 2021 07:57 AM
    Edited by Sh To Tue August 10, 2021 08:04 AM

    Based on

    I try to install HQ

    Java is installed, and when I run this command :
    java -jar informixhq-server.jar

    The command hangs without any output.

    A was created
    And the last rows in informixhq-server.log are

    2021-08-10 14:33:27.305 [main] INFO org.eclipse.jetty.util.log - Logging initialized @1608ms
    2021-08-10 14:33:27.330 [main] INFO com.informix.hq.server.JettyServer - Serving UI from JAR...
    2021-08-10 14:33:27.402 [main] INFO com.informix.hq.server.JettyServer - Configuring server for HTTP on port 8080
    2021-08-10 14:33:27.417 [main] INFO org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server - jetty-9.3.z-SNAPSHOT
    2021-08-10 14:33:28.660 [main] INFO o.e.j.server.handler.ContextHandler - Started o.e.j.s.ServletContextHandler@6754ef00{/,jar:file:/IDS/informix/hq/informixhq-server.jar!/webapp/,AVAILABLE}
    2021-08-10 14:33:28.720 [main] INFO o.e.jetty.server.AbstractConnector - Started ServerConnector@5d332969{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}
    2021-08-10 14:33:28.720 [main] INFO org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server - Started @3024ms
    2021-08-10 14:33:28.721 [main] INFO c.i.h.s.j.RepositoryDataCleanupManager - Next runtime for data cleanup: 2021-08-11 00:00:00

    Any idea ?


    Sh To

  • 2.  RE: HQ install

    Posted Tue August 10, 2021 11:32 AM
    I'd say it is simply running.  It doesn't daemonize, so starting it from command line requires running it under 'nohup' (and in background).

    Andreas Legner

  • 3.  RE: HQ install

    Posted Wed August 11, 2021 12:25 AM

    I forgot to say that i cannot reach the "web page" http://myserverip:8080
    I don't have GUI on the HQ server, so I try to open it from another computer.

    This could be the problem ??
    Now i see that the doc gives this address (localhost) :

    I just found this

    There is any configuration to reach the HQ server from the network ?


    Sh To

  • 4.  RE: HQ install
    Best Answer

    Posted Wed August 11, 2021 02:49 AM
    See article here:

    Later IDS versions provide a start/stop script, but we still prefer ours! See another thread on this forum for a startup sensor solution.

    You should be able to connect to 8080 from another machine provided a firewall is not blocking it and you have that port exposed if using Docker.

    Doug Lawry
    Oninit Consulting

  • 5.  RE: HQ install

    Posted Wed August 11, 2021 02:56 AM
    Of course !!!!

    I thought about the network firewall but i forgot the internal one.

    It works


    Sh To

  • 6.  RE: HQ install

    Posted Wed August 11, 2021 04:15 AM
    Hi Doug,

    Assuming you're using Linux, it would not be too much extra work to make your script work with systemd, which has many advantages.

    A systemd service definition like this would work if the PIDFile and ExecStart settings matched your set up. On RHEL/CentOS you would put this content in a file /etc/systemd/system/informixhq-server.service

    Description = InformixHQ server
    Documentation =
    After =

    Type = forking
    User = informixhq
    Group = informixhq
    PIDFile = /home/informixhq/
    ExecStart = /opt/informixhq-server/ startserver
    SuccessExitStatus = 143
    Restart = always

    WantedBy =

    Benjamin Thompson

  • 7.  RE: HQ install

    Posted Wed August 11, 2021 04:25 AM
    Hi Ben.

    Indeed, though my current preference is to have a startup sensor which both stops and restarts HQ which doesn't always cope with IDS being bounced rather than the host being rebooted. A proper article on this is in the works...

    Doug Lawry
    Oninit Consulting

  • 8.  RE: HQ install

    Posted Wed August 11, 2021 02:00 PM

    If you are using RHEL or similar Linux, you can see at this IIUG Blog post about how to start HQ as a service

    Vicente Salvador Cubedo

  • 9.  RE: HQ install

    Posted Sun August 15, 2021 02:41 AM
    Thank you

    Sh To