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Display Fragment Sizes

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    IBM Champion
    Posted Wed January 05, 2022 01:30 PM


    For years now, I've been running a script that shows me table sizes, broken out by dbspace (so that if a table is fragmented across 5 dbspaces, it shows me how much space it's taking up in each space and in total). I've got a need now to do that by fragment, where tables have multiple named fragments in the same dbspace. So instead of dbspace:tabname:size, it would display dbspace:tabname:partname:size.

    It probably wouldn't take long to modify my existing script to do that, but I figured I'd check here and see if anyone has already invented that wheel. I'm assuming someone almost certainly has (and it wouldn't surprise me if it's buried in utils_ak2 somewhere).

    Thanks in advance,

    - TJG