New folder in the IIUG Software repository for functions/stored procs

  • 1.  New folder in the IIUG Software repository for functions/stored procs

    Posted Wed November 25, 2020 05:38 AM

    Hi All,

    after some discussion in another forum, I came to the following conclusion:

    Many of us are requesting to have a number of very handy SQL functions or Stored procedures that are included in other popular DBMS.

    THis might be the right time to gather requirements for future versions, but also make them possible for older versions. So I thought that starting with a new folder in the IIUG Software repository dedicaded to those 'not yet existing handy functions' could be a first step towards the completion of those functions.

    So if yourself have such functions that you want to share, please go ahead ( this is GIT) for now you can send use the code with doc.

    For instance, Jonathan L. has developed a nice 'group_concat' function that could be placed there.

    I subdivided in C_based procedures, Java_based and SPL_ based. This new repository foder can be found here. 

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