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Host name invalid when running Db2 container using podman

  • 1.  Host name invalid when running Db2 container using podman

    Posted Wed February 09, 2022 12:15 PM
    Edited by Lorraine Rizzuto Thu February 10, 2022 03:23 PM

    If I install and run Db2 (Community Edition) using podman it fails with a error stating the host name is invalid. I initially thought it was due to the random generated hostnames, but manually set hostnames cause the same error.

    podman run -itd --name mydb2 --privileged=true -p 50000:50000 -e LICENSE=accept -e DB2INST1_PASSWORD=password -e DBNAME=testdb -v ~/podman/db2/testdb:/database docker.io/ibmcom/db2

    Resulted in a db2icrt.log file containing:
    DB2 Setup log file started at: Wed Feb 09 02:20:30 2022 UTC

    Operating system information: Linux 5.15.15-76051515-generic.#202201160435~1642693824~21.10~97db1bb SMP Thu Jan 20 17:35:05 U x86_64
    ERROR: The host name "2f1028fd7299" is invalid. Specify a valid host name.

    ERROR: The "db2icrt" command failed. Ensure that errors reported in the log
    file are fixed, then rerun the command.

    Post-installation instructions

    Required steps:
    There were some errors detected during DB2 installation. To collect the information files from the system, run the "db2support -install" command with the proper options before reporting the problem to IBM service. For information regarding the usage of the db2support tool, check the DB2 Information Center.

    DB2 Setup log file finished at: Wed Feb 09 02:20:31 2022 UTC

    Ashton Batty