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  • 1.  DMC 3.1.7 Secure email

    Posted Tue February 08, 2022 08:21 PM
    Hi all - 
    I just migrated from 3.1.6 to 3.1.7 per supports request (to hopefully eliminate this issue). I am simply not able to get the SMTPS feature to work, and am wondering if there are any other places (such as config files) that need to be adjusted. I am currently only inputting the info into the admin email section.

    I have run: openssl s_client -connect smtps.server.local:25 -starttls smtp
    and the output looks correct. Just not when i set the admin to work for TLS. 
    i just keep getting :

    2022-02-08T21:22:47.049Z [INFO] [RestService] - 17edb37b-0475-2946-4fb9-85ea27942805: POST /dbapi/v4/settings/testEmailServer => 400 Bad Request 
    2022-02-08T21:22:47.051Z [ERROR] [ErrorService] - APIError: HWCBAS0019E: Failed to send mail. Ensure that you enter the correct email server info and try again. {....
    Any suggestions where else to look would help.


    Robert Baird

  • 2.  RE: DMC 3.1.7 Secure email

    Posted Wed February 09, 2022 05:25 AM
    Hello Robert,

    Would you please try to take a look at the log file of
    DS_System.0.1 or DS_System.0.x, it should contain the details about this error.
    The log files locate at ./ibm-datamgmtconsole/logs.

    If you can, please upload a screenshot of your email settings.
    Like this

    Thank you.


    Tao Wen