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federation to mongodb

  • 1.  federation to mongodb

    Posted Fri January 14, 2022 05:34 AM
    customer is having db2 11.5 installed on linux and also mongodb
    now we want to create a db2 nickname to access documents
    as per doc : create wrapper :ok    create server:ok   create user mapping:ok
    create nickname : this is the difficulty : i have a doc as in picture

    and tried to access typeCode and number that is below production and productionorder
    create nickname ieemes.productionorder ( number bigint options(jpath '$.number') ) for server mongo_server options ( doc 'traceabilityData')
    it does not return error - but select does not return rows.
    is there a doc/page that  explains how to declare the path for such a field
    also tried $.production.productionOrder.number : same

    Thank for all update/help
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula