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Netezza is generally available

By Pawan Powar posted Sun December 20, 2020 01:39 AM

Netezza Performance Server v is now generally available at Fix Central.  In includes several Major enhancements and stability fixes
See the release note for details.  Here's a preview

New features and improvements

  • You can now choose to deploy IBM Netezza for Cloud Pak for Data (Netezza on Cloud) on Microsoft Azure Cloud. For more information, see Installing Netezza on Cloud.
  • Added support for independent compute scaling and storage scaling on IBM Cloud and AWS. For more information, see Scaling.

    Scaling is not yet available on Azure.

  • Added support for in-field expansion with offline data redistribution, which helps to scale existing on-prem systems.
  • Netezza Performance Server has a 64-bit host now.
    You are required to:
  • Added a connector node feature, which allows to use various storage options for Netezza Performance Server. The connector node is purpose-built to accelerate and improve the performance of your Cloud Pak for Data and Netezza Performance Server engine by enabling the use of more storage arrays such as SAN, NAS and other lower cost storage options. Connector Node is a Lenovo based, 2U server platform with integrated storage, processing and I/O. The chassis comes as a pretested building block loaded with software. The provided Cloud Pak for Data System version is or higher. For more details, see Connector node. Contact your IBM Representative to learn more about this feature.
  • Added Azure Blob Storage support to backup and restore database backups on a cloud storage. For more information, see Azure Blob Storage connector.
  • Added support for loading data from cloud and unloading data to cloud by using Azure Blob Storage. For more information, see Loading data from cloud and Unloading data to cloud.
  • Backup and restore now supports S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive. For more information, see Cloud storage connectors for AWS S3 and IBM COS.
  • Added support for the JSON_PATH data type.
  • Includes a number of critical fixes to improve Netezza performance server stability.