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load options for cdc

  • 1.  load options for cdc

    Posted Tue February 07, 2023 11:10 AM
    we are using db2 to db2 replication and specified for full refresh in the cdc system parameters the setting for use of copy yes and the location of copy yes, when using full refresh in cdc and so load in db2. this because of hadr. and this works as it should
    we have a specific datatype in the table and if we use db2 load directly we can specify a modifier to handle this column
    eg : db2 load from filename of ixf modified by rowchangetimestampignore insert into tablename
    we wanted to know if in cdc system parameters we can also supply this setting to be used by cdc full refresh, and calling db2 load with this modifier/setting ?

    Thanks for all answers
    Best Regards,
    Guy Przytula