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Last week to sign up! The new IBM MDM Beta is almost here

  • 1.  Last week to sign up! The new IBM MDM Beta is almost here

    Posted Wed October 21, 2020 01:44 PM
    The Next Gen MDM beta will be kicking off shortly, with access links and getting started instructions to be e-mailed out soon. If you haven't already signed up, this is your last chance as we'll be closing the registration early next week. You and your teammates can all register, so feel free to share!

    Already signed up, but don't know if you're on the list?
    If you've already filled out the form, you will have received notification from offering manager Kelly Sun ( confirming your participation.
    If you feel like you've filled out the form but can't find any e-mail notification, feel free to reach out and we can confirm if we've received your registration.
    What is the new IBM MDM beta?
    This initial beta release is primarily about extending an existing MDM (IBM or otherwise), to quickly and eas­ily onboard and match new data sources to facilitate a more complete, 360 degree view of parties (individuals and organizations). The new MDM beta helps to accelerate and get enhanced insights from customer data by matching and linking a number of data sources that may contain party information to their master entities. 
    Who is the beta program best suited for? 
    We're looking for existing IBM MDM Advanced or Standard Edition users or net-new clients who want to reduce the amount of data wrangling of their data pipelines that currently is required given the nature of customer data.  Its messy and inconsistent and rarely includes a common key across different data sets - unless its already been mastered.  Specifically, the beta will focus on the following features:
    • Deploy an instance of MDM in minutes on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service
    • Quickly model customer attributes from new sources defined in the knowledge catalog
    • Augment published MDM AE or SE entities with new party details from governed data assets and other systems of engagement like social media, chatbots, and web history centered on individual entities. 
    • Match multiple data assets using new, machine learning-based technology packed with innovation to more quickly enable the creation of customer profiles suitable for data science projects
    • View and Export profile information for analytics
    • New RESTful JSON APIs for programmatic access to these key features and much more
    Ready to sign up? Register here:

    See the attached flyer for more information, and feel free to reach out with any questions!

    Kelly Sun