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Differences between on-prem MDM and Cloud Pak for Data MDM

  • 1.  Differences between on-prem MDM and Cloud Pak for Data MDM

    Posted Mon June 29, 2020 09:45 AM
    Hi!  First time posting here - and my question is....what are the main differences in functionality between on-prem MDM and Cloud Pak for Data 3.0?  Is there a comparison/feature sheet?

    Second question is about domains and types of master data.  I'm familiar with Client Master Data (customer rollups/subsidiaries/multiple addresses), Materials Management Data (PIDs, BOMs, part numbers etc.) and Product Information Management Master Data (Catalogs, configurations, pricing etc.)

    Where do you feel IBMs strengths are in these domains and what does development look like for them in the near future (1-2 years)?

    Paul Kelly



  • 2.  RE: Differences between on-prem MDM and Cloud Pak for Data MDM

    Posted Mon June 29, 2020 10:42 AM
    Edited by System Fri January 20, 2023 04:39 PM
    Hi Paul,

    Great question and I understand why there could be some confusion so let my try to clear that up for you and our clients.  On March 10, we announced IBM Master Data Management for IBM Cloud Pak for Data (IBM Master Data Management for IBM Cloud Pak for Data V11.6 offers comprehensive cloud-native data management and leading-edge data governance).  Essentially this is a suite that, depending on client use case, includes MDM Advanced or Standard Edition plus Cloud Pak for Data.  This means that the full power of IBM MDM is now available with Cloud Pak for Data.  

    With the recent release of Cloud Pak for Data 3.0, we have included an MDM capability called Master Data Connect as part of the base Cloud Pak for Data.  Master Data Connect enables clients to quickly put their master data to work on Cloud Pak for Data by exposing a set of read-only, REST / JSON APIs.  This enables application developers to quickly and easily consume master data in their applications or to make available to data scientist and business analysts.

    As for the future roadmap, we will be publishing a blog later this week with more details but let me summarize here.  We are building and will be releasing a set of core, master data quality services to the Cloud Pak for Data platform as a Service later this year.  This will be the second major component, after Master Data Connect, to be delivered to the Cloud Pak platform, initially as a SaaS service on IBM Cloud, followed in first half 2021 on Cloud Pak for Data on Openshift for data center and other public cloud deployment options.

    These services will enable clients to browse for and discover assets in the catalog that contain key entity data, integrate and map the fields in those sources to a data model, and match using many of the same techniques our clients rely on from the probabilistic matching engine but with significant new applications of machine learning for improved accuracy and configuration experience, all in an entirely new integrated UX consistent with other Cloud Pak for Data services.  This will provide clients one of the core benefits of an MDM implementation - maintaining the cross-referencing of applications through linked entities to accelerate the building of AI and ML models with a greatly reduced requirement on data wrangling.

    If you or your clients are interested in learning more, or participating in our beta program (nothing to install as its a service on IBM Cloud), please reach out to be directly at

    Marcus Boone
    Program Director, IBM Data & AI