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  • 1.  Bookmarking method

    Posted Mon August 30, 2021 12:06 AM
    Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release
    IBM InfoSphere Data Replication 11.4

    I want to do bookmarking method but it run refresh before mirroring , and cause the archive log file full . Can i do back the bookmarking method or i need to restart the activity. I did this activity before and it success. Kindly advise. Thank you 


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  • 2.  RE: Bookmarking method

    Posted Thu October 28, 2021 02:26 AM
    If you are using standard replication you have to perform a refresh before mirroring to ensure that the target and source are synchronised. Alternatively you could look at external methods of exporting from the source and importing into the target.
    If you are using other replication methods you do not need to do a refresh first, but you might need to anyway to meet the demands of the application consuming the data replicated by CDC.
    I am not suire what you mean by the archive log being full.
    Problems associated with a refresh typically include:

    Robert Philo