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Data development for IBM i2 Analyst Notebook

  • 1.  Data development for IBM i2 Analyst Notebook

    Posted Mon November 30, 2020 09:49 AM
    Good afternoon / evening,
    perhaps I am not in the correct discussion group. However, perhaps this group is the closest connected to my issue.
    I am Marc, a former military analyst and currently working as a consultant for the development of exercise scenarios. In my current scenario I am working on a series of armed groups, criminal groups, terrorist cells, etc. In order to train the military analysts I am looking for the best possible and effective way to generate a supporting dataset which would allow the training audience to identify trends and dynamics in and between the different actors as described above. This would need to push the analysts using i2 Analyst notebook in  a certain intended direction as to identify key stakeholders or be able to assess whether a group is increasing an influence in a particular area or region. The date could be media outlets, police reports, incidents and attacks that happened, phone numbers with a repository of conversations, SWIFT accounts and bank transfers, etc.
    I would be very grateful of any ideas or suggestions on how to develop this in the most effective way in order to avoid to develop every piece of data basically line by line. I am aware it is a bit of reverse engineering but perhaps your panel of experts might come up with a couple of bright ideas or suggestions.
    Thanks for your earliest consideration and suggestion.
    Best regards
    Marc Segers

    Marc SEGERS