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IBM Watson Query: Use it to query and deliver universal data anywhere

By Trish Smith posted Thu August 17, 2023 01:07 PM


What does Watson Query offer you? 

IBM Watson Query on IBM Cloud Pak for Data lets you query across databases, data warehouses, and data lakes. Watson Query connects multiple data sources into a single self-balancing collection of data sources or databases. Imagine what you could do with all your customer data in one place!

You can combine tables from multiple sources that are similar into a single virtual table. You can segment either a subset or superset of columns to create your virtual table. Then, you can run queries against the resulting virtual table the same way that you would query any of the base tables. 

If you want to understand the quality of your data, you can also assign virtualized data to an analytics project. Then, go to the project and run Metadata Import and Metadata Enrichment against the virtualized data assets. You will be able to see the data quality in the details of your virtualized data assets.

A screenshot of the Virtualize page in Watson Query.

What are the key benefits of Watson Query? 

What are some use cases for Watson Query?

  • Create a prototype of an enterprise data warehouse, for example, for mergers or acquisitions.
  • Virtualize Big Data (Hadoop, NoSQL, and Data Science).
  • Offload workload or add value to base data.
  • Save on the cost of setting up a relational data warehouse by creating a virtual data warehouse.
  • Run "what if" scenarios across hybrid platforms and data sources for data discovery.
  • Use data caching of combined data for frequently accessed data.
  • Combine Master Data Management with IoT for Systems of Insight (IT/OT).
  • Prepare for data integration by combining data from multiple sources, for example, customer data.
  • Build and enrich a 360-degree view of your data.

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