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How do I sign out?

Promise us this isn’t goodbye but just ‘see you later?’ Click “logout” in the top right corner.

How do I delete my account?

No, don’t go! Was it something we said or did? Let us know and we will do our best to make the community your happy place!

If you simply must go just send an email to support@imwuc.org

How do I create an IBM Middleware Community account?

Joining the conversation is simple! Visit this link, input your information and we will send you a username and password so you can start collaborating with other members.

If you need additional assistance just drop us a note at support@imwuc.org

I have no earthly idea what my password could be. How do I recover it?

Happens to the best of us. Luckily, getting a new password is simple! Just hit the help link on the login screen and enter your email address. You can also click here to reset your password.

Can’t remember that email address? Just send us an email at support@imwuc.org; we will do some digging and have you back online in no time.

Is joining the community free?

Absolutely! IBM is thrilled to provide a resource to all middleware users.


How do I change my contact information?

Simple. Hover over the “My Options” link in the top right and select “My Profile”. Once on this page you can update all your information by clicking the edit icon on the left side.


How do I add a photo to my profile?

Start on your profile page. There is a quick link in the My Options tab in the top right corner. Once you are there, select the My Picture icon from the options column on the right side. We cap profile picture uploads at 2048 KB.

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Do I have to be followed?

Don’t love being “followed” by your fellow IBM Middleware Community members? No big deal.

Start by going to your profile page, accessible through the My Options tab in the top right corner. Toggle over to “Preferences” and simply select no.

Help! My inbox is too full.

We can take care of inbox overflow pretty easily. There are two reasons that your inbox could be a little crowded at the moment, you need to edit your preferences for either your Subscriptions or your Favorites. Both are accessible through the My Options tab in the top right corner.

Once there, you are in control of what and how often the IBM Middleware Community graces your inbox.

My Subscriptions

You will see three types of forum subscriptions: forum, announcement only, and thread subscriptions. Further explanation on the difference between the three subscription types can be found here.

You can customize these for each individual forum and thread subscription. From here you can tinker to create the most inbox friendly plan. The options are:

Summary Digest: This will give you a daily email that summarizes everything that happened in a given forum. You can select whether you want this summary to include links or not.

Immediate Email: You will get an email when anything is added to a given forum.

subscrip manage.png

My Favorites

Spread the love! You can favorite blogs, forums and threads by clicking the heart button that appears on the left hand column. This is a great way to flag those topics and questions that you are really interested in.

You can manage these from the My Favorites option located in the My Options tab in the top right corner. Here you have the option to choose a frequency notification for each favorite.

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How do I add to a Forum thread?

Got something to add? To start sharing your thoughts with your fellow IBM Middleware Community members start by clicking the “reply” icon at the bottom of the post you like.

thread reply.png

Type your thoughts in the text box and attach any helpful word document or pictures to support your opinion. For all you perfectionists out there, feel free to preview your post before you take the plunge and click the “post reply” link at the bottom.

Don’t forget that you must login or sign-up to contribute to the conversation!

Editing a thread you posted

Don’t want that typo to stay for everyone on the IBM Middleware Community to see? We’ve got you. Simply click the edit button at the bottom of the post. This is located in the same toolbar where you would click to reply.


I want to start a blog.

That’s a great idea! Simply apply here.

How do I register for a webcast?

The current webinar schedule is located here, simply click on the webinar you would like to register for and a registration link will appear. Please note you must be logged into IMWUC first in order to see the registration link.

Where are the recording and slides stored?

Presentation recordings and slides will be available the following day in the IMWUC Webinar Archives located here.

Where is the latest webcast schedule?

You’ll find the current webinar schedule here. Don’t forget to register for any webinars that interest you!


What is an IBM Middleware User Group?

Great question! There are over 300+ user groups across the globe. These user groups offer another level to the community experience. They are segmented first by software vertical (Tivoli, WebSphere and Rational) and then geographically.

An IBM User Group is a community-led gathering that brings together users of IBM products to connect and share best practices. User groups are a great way to:

  • Meet like-minded folks in your area
  • Learn how to expertly use IBM tools from everyday users like you
  • Take advantage of exclusive resources, materials and presentations supported by IBM and/or IBM business partners
  • Grow your career by networking and expanding your skillset

User group meetings might include guest speakers, presentations, Q&A and lots of opportunities for networking. Agendas are formed by user group leaders based on group member interests and are typically shared in advance in the local user group’s exclusive home page. Note that meeting frequency varies by user group.

All user groups are equipped with at least one designated user group leader and IBM liaison. It’s their job to provide relevant content and help connect their members with like-minded professionals in their local area.

If you aren’t a user group member yet, go here, use the search criteria to find a user group that fits you and select the “join community” option on the page.

What is a User Group leader?

A user group leader is a regular IBM customer that wants to meet others in their local area to connect, learn, network and grow as an individual. They volunteer their time to bring DevOps professionals of all backgrounds and experience levels together around topics, presentations and ideas you find interesting.

We trust that our user group leaders contribute the time, effort, and energy needed to keep their user group active with regular, fresh content for their members. User group leaders are expected to…

  • Spend approximately 8-10 hours/month attending to their user group
  • Plan, promote, and host a minimum of two user group meetings every year
  • Provide fresh content and updates to their user group on a bi-weekly basis through the user group’s blog and discussion forums
  • Communicate with their user group at least once per month to engage group members
  • Attend quarterly User Group Leader & Liaison calls for important updates and presentations

You have my attention - how can I become a User Group leader?

We’re thrilled you’re interested and up for the challenge of becoming a user group leader! Get started by searching for user groups in your area – just click here and use the search criteria filters. If you find a user group in your area, share your details with us and we’ll get you connected! We encourage all user groups to have co-leaders to spread the love (oh, and the responsibilities!).

If you’re unable to find any user groups in your area, consider starting one! Fill out this short application and we’ll be in touch to discuss the options and next steps.

Still undecided? Reach out to us at usergroups@imwuc.org to chat

I can’t find my user group.

It’s simple – start here. User groups are sorted first by the software vertical (Tivoli, WebSphere and Rational) and then by location.

Still can’t find it? Try using the search options here or drop us a note at usergroups@imwuc.org

My company is interested in sponsoring a User Group; how can we get started?

That’s great! Share your details with us here; if there’s a local user group that matches your interests, we’ll arrange an introduction with the user group leader and get the process started!


How do I report another user for misconduct?

First, please refer to the Terms of Use, as well as the Community Netiquettefor guidelines on being a member of the IBM Middleware User Community.

We want the IBM Middleware User Community to remain a welcoming and collaborative space for everyone! Thus, if there is a user or an issue that is jeopardizing your enjoyment and use of the site let us know at support@imwuc.org.