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  • 1.  Setting up GDGs on DVM

    Posted Mon May 02, 2022 02:51 PM
    We're trying to create GDG entries to be read via z/os connect, and are having issues defining the VT etc.

    With DVM we see indication that we want to enable then auto enable the DVM.AVZ1.SAVZXVTB(AVZGDGS1) member.  Enable works fine.
    When we try to auto-enable, it fails and we get message :


    AVZ3912E No ISPF statistics for rule AVZGDGS1 in Ruleset(VTB) DSN1(SYSGM.IBM.DVM.AVZ1.SAVZXVTB)

    I do not see where anything tells us we need to UPDATE that member and what to put in it.  

    this is what AVZDGDS1 says:
    Purpose - Set the number of GDG datasets and the relative starting generation for access to a subset of a
    generation data group. The base GDG name can also be provided, and will override the dataset name
    in the data map.

    The doc also indicates we should use these in the following way:
    For example, the following request will result in generations HLQ.GDG.STAFF(-3) through
    HLQ.GDG.STAFF(-6) being retrieved:
    Where the STAFF table specifies a base data set name of HLQ.GDG.STAFF. In other words, with this
    request, four generations will be read in descending generation order beginning with relative generation 3
    (that is, generations 3, 4, 5, and 6).

    This appears to say if i do SELECT * FROM GDG__2_3_NET that I would create a table NET which has an accompanying GDG which is 
    HLQ.GDG.NET which I want to read gens 3 and 4 from.

    are we supposed to create a NET entry in SAVZXVTB ala the SYSLOG example?  then do we autoenable that instead of AVZGDGS1?  Does AVZGDGS1 need to be updated just so it autoenables?

    where does DVM get the HLQ from?

    Please advise...

    Kevin Flanagan


  • 2.  RE: Setting up GDGs on DVM

    Posted Tue May 03, 2022 02:54 PM

    For first question:

    The SEF members are shipped at this time without the members having any statistics and that is why you get this error
    We will be shipping the SEF members with statistics starting from June of this year

    Meanwhile what you need to do is to go to EDIT on that member and just SAVE it. You do not have to make any modification.
    Just EDIT and SAVE. Once you do that is you PF3 out, you will see that member has statistics

    Now you should be able  successfully ENABLE it

    For second question:

    You first need to ENABLE VTB rule AVZGDGS1

    Then your query will be as such


    where GDG  should not be changed. There are 2 underscores after it
    A is the number of GDG to be read
    B is the relative GDG number to start reading from. There is a single underscore after it
    VTNAME is the name of your Virtual table pointing to the GDG BASE

    For example I have a GDG BASE called TSJJP.PACOTEST and associated Virtual Table called PACOTEST that points to SEQ dataset TSJJP.PACOTEST. It has 131 generations called

    If I want to read generations G0001V00 and G0002V00, I use this query


    which means go to Virtual Table called PACOTEST and start from Generation -129 and read 2 generation

    Since my GDG has 131 generation, therefore Generation -129  for number of 2 results in reading Generations -129 and -130 which is G0001V00 and G0002V00

    If I just want to read G0001V00, then I use this:


    Hope this helps


    Jamie Parsaie

  • 3.  RE: Setting up GDGs on DVM

    Posted Tue May 03, 2022 05:19 PM
    Jamie, that is much clearer, thank you!

    Isaac and I are working on this, will requeue if anything else pops up.

    Kevin Flanagan