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Positioning of the OEM Solutions

  • 1.  Positioning of the OEM Solutions

    Posted Tue March 07, 2023 06:08 AM

    I have spent over 33 years working with different data sources including databases and ERP systems. One of the common challenges that I have seen by clients is around how best to bring the data in a framework that can drive better results from through better data analytics. 

    Key areas that I see are challenge when it comes to developing data strategy:

    a) The zest for real-time data as part of driving results including operation performance and sales growth

    b) Streamlining the close, consolidate, and reporting process

    c) Integration of data from different sources like asset monitoring or AI ops or other areas. 

    d) Using Data to help mitigate risk through better controls and compliance.

    Data is key area for CFO and the office of finance 

    Blog - Data Management and the Right Strategy - IoT and Sustainability –

    I think there needs to be a more crisp message around how we best engage with OEMs as part of working with opportunities on data management for both clients and BPs. The common complaint is that there are many solutions, clients is happy with what they have in terms of data management, legacy databases, etc. 

    paul YOUNG