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DVM for zOS - early draft Redbook

  • 1.  DVM for zOS - early draft Redbook

    Posted Tue August 03, 2021 02:49 PM
    Edited by System Fri January 20, 2023 04:51 PM
    Greetings fellow DVMers,

    Our team is currently in the process of building out a Redbook for DVM for zOS to help bring more clarity to our architecture, connection, and access methods. While we continue to work through formal edit/publish of the Redbook, we want to share an early view of the content, which will be updated from the current style and format from the below thread.

    Once the formally published Redbook is released, this content will reference the fully documented Redbook URL.

    IBM Data Virtualization for z/OS (early-Redbook draft)

    The content referenced is available in Draft mode, prior to a formally published IBM Redbook covering key capabilities of the technology.

    IBM Redbook (early preview)
    Chapter 1 - Overview
    Chapter 10 - Project Planning

    a. Project Questionnaire
    b. Java™ API sample code snippet
    c. Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

    Learn more about DVM and how it integrates with other IBM technology from the IBM Demos website!

    Doug Dailey
    Product Manager
    IBM Data and AI on Z, Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS