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  • 1.  database object last access

    Posted Fri September 10, 2021 03:59 AM
    Hello to All

    I need to know the date of last access for a table, index ..etc  , i thought it was systables.ustlowts column but when i red the description it mentions when the last statistics were done.

    thanks for your help


    John Smith


  • 2.  RE: database object last access

    IBM Champion
    Posted Fri September 10, 2021 05:39 AM
    There's sysptnhdr.acc_or_mod_tm (and sysactptnhdr.pn_acc_or_mod_tm) in sysmaster, available since 14.10.xC5.

    For data partitions this records time of last *modifying* access.
    For index partitions it records last access regardless of 'modifying'.

    This used to be idx_acc_tm / pn_idx_acc_tm since 12.10.xC10 and applied to index partitions only.

    I hope those values' accuracy doesn't get blurred by things like Update Statistics/AUS, compression estimation, onchecks etc.
    Let us know how helpful they are!


    Andreas Legner