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Possible CM / CSDK 4.50.FC6 / SSL Issue

  • 1.  Possible CM / CSDK 4.50.FC6 / SSL Issue

    IBM Champion
    Posted Tue July 27, 2021 11:47 AM


    I recently updated a couple of our connection managers from 4.50.FC5 to 4.50.FC6 (CentOS 7). After doing so, I started periodically seeing these errors:

    00:22:06 listener accept new fd failed:network error = -28014 cannot accept

    Eventually (typically after about 3-5 days of running), the CM process will crash. Sometimes it will put a message in the log claiming to have received Signal 11. Sometimes it crashes without saying anything. There was a bug in my CMALARMPROGRAM, so I wasn't getting that info; hopefully I'll get some soon.

    Note: We're using OpenSSL rather than GSKit.

    I've opened a case with IBM support (TS006205636) and sent in an strace of the process. The engineer does not believe it's an fd error; he believes that there's an OpenSSL that's being mis-mapped and incorrectly reported.

    I'll post more details when/if I get them.