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New release of utils2_ak

  • 1.  New release of utils2_ak

    IBM Champion
    Posted Tue May 03, 2022 08:22 PM

    I have uploaded an update to my utils2_ak package today. Here's what's new:

    May 3, 2022:
    • Changed Usage output to write to stdout to simplify piping to less/ more. 
    • Removed old debug trace. 
    • Added new -J option to alter the target table to TYPE(RAW) before the copy and alter it back to TYPE(STANDARD) when the copy completes.  If the target is already a RAW table -J is ignored and the table's type is preserved either way. Dbcopy will exit if the alter cannot be processed.
    The new -J option can make dbcopy run even faster than ever without having to separately script altering the table type. Note that if dbcopy should crash there is a possibility that the target table will be left in RAW mode. The -J option, like the -R option (Begin transactions with the WITHOUT REPLICATION clause), should not be used on systems with RSS or HDR secondaries and when used in an ER environment should be followed by a "cdr sync" order.

    If you think of any improvements or additional options to any of my utilities, please let me know. It's likely that I will put the request into my queue.


    Art S. Kagel, President and Principal Consultant
    ASK Database Management Corp.