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Optimizing Your Db2 Lifecyle Management for Peak Performance - Lunch and Learn session at SHARE Orlando

By Robert Bersano posted Tue February 20, 2024 12:03 PM


Use this session to learn about IBM Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS a new product offering that brings intelligence and automation to Db2 maintenance, eliminating the need for deep z/OS skills. By offering a rich API library and integration into modern tool sets, Db2 Automation Expert not only provides a familiar framework to the next generation of DBAs but also helps experienced DBAs with limited time and resources.  

Imagine a scenario where your routine Db2 for z/OS object maintenance windows could be slashed in half or more, promising not only efficiency but also enhanced productivity. This lunch-n-learn will delve into best practices combined with a new cutting-edge solution, IBM Db2 Automation Expert, can seamlessly automate your routine maintenance tasks, presenting a compelling case for a transformative shift in your Db2 environment.  It will also enable the integration of relevant object maintenance tasks directly into your application development pipeline through the use of APIs.

In the dynamic landscape of Db2 for z/OS environments, the imperative of mitigating potential application impact during routine maintenance on Db2 objects cannot be overstated. However, it is equally crucial to underscore the role that routine object maintenance plays in upholding peak levels of Db2 application performance.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your application performance and streamline your maintenance processes with the game-changing capabilities of the IBM Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS.

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