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  • 1.  Send file to Sharepoint

    Posted Fri December 16, 2022 09:19 AM
    Hello !

    I have some TI Process wich create export csv files.

    Is a way exists to directly send theses files to an https sharepoint URL ?.

    I notice thant I can do that with powershell, but need to install module (Microsoft.Online.Sharepoint.PowerShell) ... thant not allowed.

    1 - Is an other way to do that ?

    2 - Can I ask to IBM team to install this powershell module ? ( on TM1's Computer and on Desktop computer) ?


    Philippe CHAMPLEBOUX


  • 2.  RE: Send file to Sharepoint

    Posted Fri December 16, 2022 09:20 AM
    Sorry ......

    in CLOUD environment .....

    Philippe CHAMPLEBOUX

  • 3.  RE: Send file to Sharepoint

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon December 19, 2022 03:30 AM
    Hi PHillippe

    Perhaps using Power Automate?

    One of the methods we use is to email the report to a specific email account that has Power Automate automatically picking up the files and saving them down in sharepoint. 

    Another method we use is .bat scripts and windows event log, but this is on a local machine, so I dont think it would work on cloud for you

    Dale Michael

  • 4.  RE: Send file to Sharepoint

    Posted Mon December 19, 2022 05:26 AM
    Hi Michael !

    Thanks a lot for your idea !

    I will discuss with my customer to see if he is agree with this solution ( Send mail and Power Automate)

    Best regards,

    Philippe CHAMPLEBOUX

  • 5.  RE: Send file to Sharepoint

    Posted Mon December 19, 2022 09:35 AM
    I could be wrong, but I don't believe the powershell sharepoint module is a requirement for interacting with Sharepoing online in powershell. It definitely makes it easier, but since Sharepoint has a rest api that you can interact with using tools like postman that have no sharepoint add-on, you presumably could create a regular Invoke-RestMethod call against the api in powershell, no special add-ons required.

    If above and the power-automate ideas don't work for you, you could simply FTP the file back on-prem where you have a file-watching service ready kick off a powershell script on a server that has the sharepoint module installed to upload the file to sharepoint.

    Andrew Scheevel