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RFE migration to Ideas/AHA

  • 1.  RFE migration to Ideas/AHA

    Posted Fri September 03, 2021 08:04 AM

    First off, my apologies, this was scheduled to be posted at the same time the change took place, but it seems the calendar elf took the week off.

    At the end of August, the Spectrum Computing RFE's will be migrated from developerworks to https://ideas.ibm.com - which is a frontend to the Aha! product planning tool.  Aha is used across all of IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software.

    The Ideas portal uses the same IBMid as RFE, and all existing RFE's have been migrated across. The top level portal provides a summary of your specific ideas:

    Top Level Ideas Portal

    To get the same level of detail (and see all other Ideas) as the RFE portal, you need to drill down to the Data & AI instance of ideas:


    There are a lot of products in the Data & AI Portfolio, so you have to scroll down quite far in the "filter by category" side bar.
    Data & AI Portal
    Ideas List

    Bill McMillan

    Principal Product Manager, Spectrum Computing

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