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  • 1.  PAfE extremely slow after upgrades

    Posted Mon November 14, 2022 07:07 AM
    We're in the process of upgrading our PA components on our DEV, Quality, and Productive environments.
    PAfE is upgraded from >>

    PAfE on DEV works just fine after upgrades.
    On Quality we see that after upgrade opening a report in PAfE that previously took 5-6 seconds, now takes 5 minutes.

    When we check with PAW Administration Tool, we're seeing a timeout error that would normally show "Not Found" (can be ignored, see


    In PAfE logs we see errors like:

    Any clues?

    Best, Herman

    Herman Teeuwen


  • 2.  RE: PAfE extremely slow after upgrades

    Posted Mon November 14, 2022 05:12 PM

    say more about your entire version mix, please.

    other thing i would suggest is if you can capture an 'all' level PA for Excel log, delay in activity should be apparent there under analysis.

    what is your deployment method? if the eval service as part of PA Spreadsheet Services isn't exposed, but simultaneously isn't blocked, it's possible for that to induce a delay (if it is black hole-ing the requests)

    Ted Phillips

  • 3.  RE: PAfE extremely slow after upgrades

    Posted Tue November 15, 2022 08:14 AM

    Hi Ted,

    We're upgrading to:

    PAW: 2.0.80
    PASS: 2.0.79
    PAFE: 2.0.80

    Re. deployment method and eval service. I can't really follow along.

    If I set PAfE log level to all and check the log file, I see issues re. the eval service, but to be honest, I can't really translate all of this to a root cause.

    Maybe it's better to create a ticket at IBM Support.


    Herman Teeuwen

  • 4.  RE: PAfE extremely slow after upgrades

    Posted Wed November 16, 2022 11:10 AM

    feel free to make a support case, we should be able to get it straightened out pretty quick.

    what I meant was, the PASS install includes webservices running under http://<mypass:9510>/tm1web and http://<mypass:9510>/evalservice

    if the traffic going to PASS from PA for Excel is timing out (which it seems it could be from your screenshot of the PAW setup screen), it's imaginable it could be the source of your delays. This could be due to PASS setup issues or specific network details (ex: firewall) if you've installed bare metal; I would not expect such issues if you've bought any of IBM's PA managed services.

    for posterity I'll mention that PA for Excel consumes Workspace, Spreadsheet Services, and TM1; we'll continue to onboard functions that leverage Spreadsheet Services across time.

    Ted Phillips

  • 5.  RE: PAfE extremely slow after upgrades

    Posted Wed November 16, 2022 03:19 PM
    I was thinking that maybe the "IBM Cognos TM1" service is running, and taking the 9514 port while the intent is probably for the "Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services" service to have 9514.  The "IBM Cognos TM1" service is often hanging around since when TM1Web became PASS and was separated from the rest of the "other" Web Tier Components in the "IBM Cognos TM1" service. Sometimes, "IBM Cognos TM1" gets started if it hasn't been removed, even after the PASS install sets it to only manually start. The "IBM Cognos TM1" service should have been called "IBM Cognos TM1 Web Tier" so it would be less confusing than sounding like it is the all-inclusive, main TM1 service, but I digress.

    Walter Coffen
    Technology Manager
    QueBIT Consulting, LLC