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Historical rates - Investment register calculations

  • 1.  Historical rates - Investment register calculations

    Posted Tue January 30, 2024 04:25 AM

    Hi All.  We have a group where we use the standard model / investment register, but for the subgroup I am not sure why it calculates differently. 

    The IN elimination is from control table E105 and the MI from E700. 

    - Added the historical rates to the Historical rate table for Company B and the parent of Subgroup A. 

    - Added the Group Currency (GC) / historical rate amount in the Investment elimination template.

    For Company B, it calculates the MI on GC as per the Shares historical rate, but for the Subgroup, it calculates the GC MI amount based on the Closing rate. 

    Is there something I'm missing for the subgroup to calculate the same?

    Thank you,


    Yolani van der Merwe