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[GitHub] Loss of file contents }git.ctx

  • 1.  [GitHub] Loss of file contents }git.ctx

    Posted Fri January 19, 2024 05:15 AM

    Hello team,

    I noticed an anomaly today between Planning Analytics and GitHub (Enterprise).

    Here are the actions:
    1. Update a Chore (DEV environment)
    2. Push Chore to GitHub (on DEV branch)
    3. Merge contents of DEV branch into MAIN branch
    4. From PA instance: update instance from MAIN branch
    5. At deployment time, PA detects that a parameter is missing in a sub-process called in the Chore, which is true.

    - Error generated at deployment time
    - However, I've noticed that the }git.ctx file under the Data directory has been emptied, contains only the coded lines but no instance objects.

    - The correction has been made on the end-to-end task, from the corresponding DEV, GitHub and banches instance.
    - The problem is that the pre-deployment AP analysis detected that all objects were to be updated (status: Update). As a result, it redeployed all objects with a new date.

    Would you have an idea/how to prevent the }git.ctx file from not being modified if there is a conflict when deploying from GitHub?

    Thanks a lot
    Have a nice day

    Bilal KACEL
    Tech' Lead