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Find full patch for a field

  • 1.  Find full patch for a field

    Posted Fri April 12, 2024 02:25 PM
    Edited by Dn Pr Fri April 12, 2024 02:25 PM

    I am trying to create a report that displays the Document Number from the Admin package. However, I am unsure of the file's location. When I searched for the field, only a few results were shown. Below are two of the results:

    [Business Layer].[Net Check Amount Allocations].[Document Number]
    [Business Layer].[Master Pre-Check].[Document Number]

    Now, I want to expand either [Net Check Amount Allocations] or [Master Pre-Check] to see what other fields are available there. However, when I expand [Business Layer], I do not see [Net Check Amount Allocations] or [Master Pre-Check]. I suspect they might be located in another folder, but I'm unsure how to find the full path. Is there a way to find the full path that also shows the parent folders?

    Dn Pr