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  • 1.  Dashboard display on different devices

    Posted Fri October 28, 2022 05:36 AM
    Hi all,
    We are using version 11.2.1 CA with Watson.

    Looking for best practice to have dashboard displayed nicely (without needing to scroll and all content is visible)

    The dashboard content is designed in a 24inch PC with 1920x1080 resolution.
    Setting for page size in dashboard:
    - layout positioning: Relative
    - Resolution: 16x9
    - Fit to page: yes

    Everything looks perfect until one tried opening the dashboard in laptop (which generally has text size setting as 150%), the appearance of the dashboard looks completely bad, user will need to either change their text size setting of the laptop to 100% (not acceptable because of user preference) or, use their browser zoom to zoom out in order to view the full content (sometimes it is still not visible because of the filter widget that appears at the top right of each visualization taking too much space and most of the time unnecessary - hope that the filter is hidden somewhere in future version)

    Later, we tried changing layout positioning to absolute so whatever is designed is whatever user sees, but problem is that the user needs to scroll up and down in their laptop, and when opened in tablet browser, they need to scroll left and right (nightmare!)

    Anyone out there who has experienced this and perhaps can shed some light what can be done? I am thinking that the option 'Relative' and 'Fit to Page' isn't really doing the magic here.

    Wei Bin Fong


  • 2.  RE: Dashboard display on different devices

    IBM Champion
    Posted Fri November 11, 2022 03:40 AM
    Hi, 1920x1080 with 150% isn't really big. I recommend to develop extra reports for this resolution that actually fit. 

    Philipp Hornung

  • 3.  RE: Dashboard display on different devices

    Posted Fri July 07, 2023 08:41 AM

    Hello, take a look at this article, it has some tips to improve the layout in different types of layout.

    I have preferred to use the "Absolute" layout to keep placements my way on different screen sizes. Or else I go to reports

    Gustavo Andrade
    Data Analyst