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  • 1.  Automating Creation of Flows?

    Posted Fri December 18, 2020 06:09 PM

    Hi All,

    We are evaluating using the LSF scheduler within our organisation. One question remains unanwered - is it possible to create flows with scripting. I understand that the creation of flows is performed for the Flow Editor. Since out flows have a dynamic character we would like to automate this creation/update process. Is this possible within the suite?

    any help vert welcome!



    R richard.paterson@ocs-consulting.com


  • 2.  RE: Automating Creation of Flows?

    Posted Mon December 21, 2020 08:31 AM
    Hi Richard,
    Notice still it's needed to use flow editor to create the flow and then save to an xml or just submit, then use jsub/jtrigger to submit/trigger the flow to run.
    If there's dynamical structure, usually we can do it with setting a variable and specify it when triggering the flow with "jtrigger -v".
    Hope this helpful.

    Liang Wang

  • 3.  RE: Automating Creation of Flows?

    Posted Mon January 04, 2021 09:37 AM
    The short answer is yes.  You simply need to know the correct syntax.  I would be nice if we could support YAML more longer term though.  Personally, I don't like XML, but use it where I have to.

    Larry Adams